a list of simple chores to do in your home the day before garbage day

We have a trash problem in our home.  Seriously.  Ugh.  It is insane the amount of waste we have to throw into our garbage and recycle bins and put out on the street each week.  And at the same time, there is still SO much stuff left in the house!  I mean it is not like we are getting rid of major things each week – just the normal stuff.  But there is something about garbage day for me that feels like a restart button.  Like we get out all that junk and get to start fresh for the week.  Our garbage guy comes on Tuesdays.  So each Monday I have a list of chores I like to do before garbage day – things that make garbage day feel like a real reset button for our home.

Here’s the list of the chores I do the day before garbage day.   They are top priority on Mondays around here.

One simple thing I did to cut my kitchen budget in half. Such a simple, green way to save some money!

With one purchase I cut my kitchen cleaning budget in half!   I am always looking for ways to streamline, improve, and cut costs in my homemaking routines.  So, when I can cut one of my expenses by half, it is a no-brainer for me!  And I am so excited about my latest cost-cutting measure that I just had to share here.

But first a little story.

A while back we had our granite installers in our home (installing granite – of course) and I pulled one of the guys to the side to grill him about the proper care and maintenance of granite.  It is such a large investment that I wanted to make sure I was caring for it properly.  He generously took the time to show me how to take care of my granite counters and I passed on the information to you. It is still one of my most popular cleaning posts.  

Does being a mom and homemaker ever feel a little too hard? There’s no question that you love your family like crazy and you’d do anything for them, but we all know it can be an exhausting job. If you’re anything like me, I bet you wish your home felt more put together and peaceful, you kept up with housework better, you were more consistent about serving healthy, homemade meals and you weren’t running ragged so much of the time. Because these families of ours? They matter more than anything else. Our job is so important, and we really want to do it right. But so often, we end up feeling discouraged and even like we’re failing. Maybe you wonder how you can keep up with it all and still have the energy and intentionality to be the kind of mom, wife and woman you want to be. Now, I know as well as you do that homemaking is never going to be stress-free (though it sure sounds nice). But what if you had more (and better) tools to help make it stress-less? That’s why I’m over the moon to tell you about something very special happening right now called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2016. It was created to give you a plethora of amazing, high-quality resources to take some of the stress, overwhelm and difficulty out of homemaking and mothering. To make you feel like you’re winning more often. And to bolster you in the work you’re doing, because every awesome, hard-working mom deserves a little help sometimes.

I have been doing this homemaking thing for almost 12 years.  In that time I have learned a TON of things.  And in that time I have discovered that there is something I can always improve, some system I can tweak, some organizational system I can streamline, some easier way to clean I can add to my cleaning routine.  And in that time I have discovered that I can’t do it all.  I need help!

And modern technology has made it easier than ever to get information and encouragement, instruction and motivation.  There are countless blogs and books written to help us in our homemaking endeavors.  So sorting out the resources has become a task in itself!  And honestly, I don’t have the time to waste on things that are not helpful to me on my homemaking journey.

I am so happy that there is a place to get the MOST AWESOME content available on EVERY topic related to homemaking that I can think of. There is this really cool set of resources, bundled together and hugely discounted, perfect for helping me get the help I need to make my homemaking goals and dreams into realities.  And it is only available once a year for only 6 DAYS!

I already got my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and I am SO excited to share with you the details of it and encourage you to consider getting one to help you on your homemaking journey.

a simple tutorial for the proper care and maintenance of leather furniture, details on what to choose when shopping for leather furniture and how to take care of it in your home

In the past couple of years I have had a number of friends mention a problem they are having with their leather furniture.  And they all seem to be having the same problem and saying the same thing: “I have a leather sofa that is wearing pretty heavily on the arms.  The leather is cracked and is peeling away.  What is wrong with it?”

While I do not claim to be an expert about leather goods, I have put a lot of thought into the problem and its solution.  And I own a vintage leather chair and a custom leather sofa, so I have put a lot of thought into how to care for them. So today I am going to share with you my thoughts about the proper care and maintenance of leather furniture.  I have a number of things to say about it before we get to the care part.

how to pick the best Bible for you, evaluating the Bible you already own

Most people don’t specifically choose their Bibles.  They are gifted one when they become a believer.  They use their grandmother’s old Bible.  They don’t know what to look for, so they just pick one that is pretty.  Some adults even still carry around their very first Bibles (often a student Bible) just because they want what is familiar to them.

But, did you know that you can pick the best Bible for you based on something concrete? Something that is measured by more than familiarity or fancy?  Based on the quality and accuracy of the translation.  And did you know there is a way to discover if the Bible you hold in your hands is a good and accurate translation?