Strawberry Banana Bundt Cake

I made a cake last summer on the spur of the moment because I needed to make snacks for our church meeting.  I thought, “Hey, a strawberry cake mix could be considered healthier if I add some banana to it, right?”  All nutritional guessing aside, the cake turned out beautifully and was incredibly popular at church – it was gone FAST!  And I have been planning on making it again with G for quite some time, so this week was the week to give it a go.

This is the perfect cake to make with little bakers because it requires some different fine motor skills and is truly yummy!  We had G’s grandma and papa over and our project quickly turned into G’s cooking show, since Grandma video taped the whole thing for posterity!  Since the cake goes together so quickly, we didn’t get  a lot of pictures of the process, but believe me she had a great time!


We all know that binge-watching is becoming more and more popular for adults!  And if your little one is like my oldest girl, she likes to binge-watch, too!  When we turn on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood or  Tumble Leaf  on Amazon Prime, G is not satisfied to watch just one episode.  Oh, no, she needs to ask at the end of every episode to watch just one more!  But when you have watched all the episodes two or three (or five) times, you need something new to watch.  What’s next on your kid’s binge-watching list: Annedroids from Amazon Studios (available on Amazon Prime)!

blessings umbrella

One of the search terms that pops up in my statistics for this site (yes, I can track you!  Don’t worry, no NSA here…or is there?) almost every day is “house blessing” or something related to that.  I am assuming those who search for it are moving to a new home and are looking for a prayer or a blessing to say over their home to bless it.  And that is not what they find when they land on this site!  In fact, when I was coming up with the name for this site, it never crossed my mind that the name could be construed that way.

But, I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across a note I had written on a Psalm that said, “PRAYER FOR A GODLY HOUSEHOLD.”  ( I write in all caps in my Bible most of the time – I don’t know why.)  And it struck me as not only a lovely passage, but just what some people are looking for when they search “house blessing.”


A short time after my husband and I got married, I was invited to a designer’s workshop at a friend’s home.  She had just finished an amazing home (my husband’s company built the home) and had decorated it just the way she loved with the help of an interior decorator.  She asked the interior decorator to host the workshop and talk with a small group of ladies about making their home uniquely theirs on any budget.

I do not remember much about the workshop, but one thing she said stuck with me after all these years.  She said,

“The average American homemaker redecorates her home every seven years.”

I thought she was crazy. 

Traveling with Tots

With the recent controversy (and horrible story) about a son killed after being left in a car (sadly we see something about this more during the summer), I thought I would weigh in with my thoughts.  I was driving around with our girls the other day and I started thinking about the reality that kids are in left in hot cars.  I thought, “Hey, I am doing a series on Traveling with Tots, I should write about this craziness!”

Let me just begin by saying that I honestly can see forgetting a kid happening for SOME parents.