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If we want to get organized and feel more free to love and laugh in our lives, the first thing we need to is set priorities.  They are the anchor, the organizing principle that should set our homes in order.  When we stray from the anchor of our priorities we will feel the tug.  We will not be as happy because we are not doing the things that are truly and most important to us.  There will be a pull we feel, trying to bring us back on track.  And if we ignore the tug, we can sometimes suffer the physical consequences of our wandering.

In the first chapter of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Crystal suggests that the first step to moving away from simply surviving is to “Stop Trying to Do it All.”  We get run down when we try to say yes to everything that comes our way, every opportunity, every request, and (even) every standard.  “Yes” is what gets us into trouble.  She encourages us to begin to create margin in our lives by beginning to say, “No” to the less-than important things in our lives.


I can’t believe it has already been a month since the last 7 Year Itch update!  This summer is almost over for us and it was so fast!  I am excited because it is finally getting cool enough to go outside in the evening without feeling like going immediately back indoors.  Sadly we haven’t made much progress on our remodeling projects since last month.  {frown face}  But patience is being worked as we slowly get the projects done.  I got lots of inspiration from last month’s linked-up projects and I am so excited to share with you what we did get done.

eMeals Meal Plans

We don’t have kids that are school age, but we kind of get into a summertime groove around here like we do.  You know, the groove where dinner is a fast and loose proposition.  A barely planned, if planned at all, throw it on the table and hope that it has some nutritional value kind of event.  So, we kind of feel the need for structure and normal that back to school season provides.  But, I need a little help along the way.

I used to be an expert menu planner and meal maker.  I could seriously turn it out.  But, having kids has just rocked my world in menu planning.  But I recently shared that I am getting things back on track and I shared with you the resources that are making it easier for me to menu plan for the week

hope for homemakers text

As though I could be any less than real with you, dear reader, it goes without saying that I have been neglecting a very important part of this blog.  I started writing this blog in a way, to offer hope to other homemakers along their journey.  Motherhood and homemaking can be tiresome and difficult and thankless.  (It can also be very rewarding, so don’t get me wrong)  And I started a group/series here to encourage you along the journey of homemaking and called it Hope for Homemakers.

And we worked through a serious homemaking challenge called 28 Days to Hope for your Home.  Then we started creating morning and evening routines  in our journey to organization.  And then we started to Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  And then….



18. 08. 2014

DIY Paint Sample Art

I realize now that I have done this project that it is not a new idea (are any ideas? really?).  Nonetheless, I am exceedingly proud of how it turned out and what it does for our little entry way.  And my DIY art project met the requirements I have for a DIY project: achievability (new word) and interest for our home.

As my husband and I decorate and remodel our home, we have discovered something about our design aesthetic: We are primarily boring!  We shy away from most bold statements.  And we would pick a solid over a pattern almost every time.  We like grey (a LOT) and we like wood.

At the same time, we realize that we need to infuse our home with some color and some character.  So we are slowly throwing in pops of color where we can and I am really pleased with the choices we have made, so far.

So getting back to the art project.