Toddler Girls' Shared Bedroom - Gallery Wall

In our 7 Year Itch, it has taken a long time to get around to “finishing” rooms.  And then change jumps up and forces restructuring, rethinking, and replanning.

Our girls’ room will be changing again in the next few months, so I am already starting to plan for the changes and get excited about what it will look like.  But before it changes, I thought I would share with you our girls’ first shared bedroom.

sensory glop

Our girls are really enjoying their Bob books!  We picked up a set for each of them.  We got the Alphabet one for Wren and the first Sight Words one for Grace.  I know very little about how to teach a person to read, but thankfully our girls are making it easy on me by learning without much instruction!  But since picking up the Bob books, the girls’ interest in reading has hit overdrive.  They ask every day, several times a day if we can read another new book.  And since we are working so quickly through them, I thought I would extend their life by creating some book related activities for the girls to do.  The first one we tried was sensory glop based on the Bob Book Jump.

these are so easy to work into my cleaning schedule and get my house cleaner!

Oh, how I love a clean room.  And one of the biggest factors in my enjoyment of a clean room is a clean floor with beautiful vacuum lines.  There is something almost meditative about it.  And I must say, I am a better vacuum driver than I am a dust director or even bathroom scrubber.  There is something so great about a vacuum for ease of use and major results.  And I was working through the house with my vacuum the other day and started thinking about why I love my vacuum so much.  And I realized it is because I can do SO much with it and not spend a bunch of time on cleaning.  And then I wondered, “Does everybody vacuum the way I vacuum?”  So I thought I would share with you my Vacuum Routine – including the 4 things I get clean when I am vacuuming besides the floors.

Essential Items for surviving the first trimester

I have been hoping that the Lord would bless us with another baby (despite my husband’s other-minded-ness) and He has.  I am pregnant again and just made it through the first trimester.  I have not taken the opportunity to talk pregnancy and child-birth much on this blog, because honestly, I didn’t have the energy when I was going through the last pregnancy and early baby stages.  But this time around, I don’t have that pesky bed-rest to deal with (just yet) and I have finally gotten back some of the energy I so desperately miss during the first trimester!  And after my pregnancies, I have LOTS of opinions on products that are my must-have items for each stage of pregnancy.  So, I thought I would divide them up by trimester and share my favorite pregnancy supplies with you.  If this is your first pregnancy (congratulations!), you may want to consider these items as you navigate this new season.  If this is your second (or third, etc.) pregnancy, I am sure you would agree with some of them and have others to add.

love this room!

We “finished” our living room remodel toward the end of last year.  But as with most projects, there is always something more to be done.  We are quite possibly the slowest decision-makers I know – especially when it comes to spending money and choosing things for our home.  But our patience usually pays off by getting exactly what we want, when we need it, and at a great price.  That happened this week for us with the baskets in our living room.  We designed our living room shelving unit to hold some larger baskets at the bottom without knowing what baskets we would purchase to go there.  And the search was long and arduous until my husband came home with two baskets he found on clearance at Target – and now we finally have our living room organization complete!