05. 02. 2016

sleep - 40 minutes

We have tried it all…all of it.  We have tried singing lullabies. We have tried the Jo Frost solution – um…sorry that one really didn’t work.  We have tried punishments (oh, that one is awful!).  We tried essential oils.  We tried massage.  We did it all.  A L L.  We even tried that new “magical” book  – the second night she refused to listen to it.  And nothing helped our oldest toddler get to bed easily –  she is a fighter.  She is always up and ready to go.  She’s the one who gets a full 40 minutes and is ready to go for the rest of the night.  So, I am always on the hunt for the next toddler sleep solution.  And I will try just about anything.

But, I finally came up with a sleep routine that helps my toddler wind down enough to be still and [most nights] get to sleep quickly.

Baby Sleep tips to help transition from night to day

Have you heard or even uttered this phrase yourself about your newborn?

“He has his nights and days mixed up.”

I certainly have, especially this time around in the early weeks with our newborn!  And, honestly it can make the early days very, very rough.  A baby who wants to be awake at 3 in the morning and fast asleep at noon makes for some sleepless nights and a hard time functioning for mom and dad.  But it really is simple to help baby switch from night to day with some simple techniques that you might not have thought of (in your sleep-reduced baby brain fog).

A FUN preschool unit about the mail man

We have been having SO much fun with our new school adventures!  And our first unit will definitely take longer than I previously expected because of all the FUN!  Our first unit is on helpers, specifically community helpers.  I want to give the girls an idea of what a helper is.  I figure it will help the two of them relate better to one another, to the rest of the family (mama and daddy), and to others as we go out and about.  First up in our unit on community helpers was the mail man.

First and foremost, I want to give the girls and idea of our biggest helper, the LORD!  As a part of our everyday, early schooling, we review our school rules.  The last two are: “Help one another” and “Ask God for help.”    And we have a Bible verse we are in the process of learning for this unit.  I wanted to make sure that most of the words were easy for G to read and understand.  She was able to read the verse very quickly and we are working on memorizing it by reading it a couple of times each day.  With the emphasis on how to help one another and who can help us, we start our school day by praying to God to help us during our school day.  G has started leading this prayer time with some of the simplest and sweetest prayers.

a simple tip for saving up for big purchases - FAST

Do you ever just get a hankering for something new?  Something shiny?  Something with lots of bells and whistles?  And then you look at the price tag for that shiny, new thing and you think, “Well, that is definitely not in the budget for this month (or any month for that matter)!”  I have a tendency to love the items in my home well, to work with the quirks they develop as they get older.  To consider the scratches and dents they get to be signs of good use in a home with lots of small children.  But every now and then, I start to think, “Man it would be nice to purchase a NEW one of those!”  And most of the time the items I am hoping to purchase are just not in the budget.  So, I came up with a way to save up for big purchases.  And it has surprised me just how FAST I have been able to get those much wanted new items.

11. 01. 2016

Rainbow Heart Crayons fine motor activity

We have a serious crayon problem around our house.  There are just SO MANY of them.  My girls seriously heart crayons and coloring.  And, I don’t know if you have noticed, but toddlers/preschoolers are typically not very gentle with crayons.  We have so many broken in half, paper discarded, random crayons!  So I decided I needed to come up with a way to put them to good use.

In the process I created a math activity for the girls without realizing it.  Who knew that early math skills include color knowledge, sorting, and organizing? Not this mama!   Oh, and I also created a fine motor activity!  It is funny how many skills can be reinforced by incredibly simple activities.